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"Creating the boards and the t-shirts is a full family affair, with every member having a job. Yet it’s not the innovative family mindset that is so inspiring, it’s the intuitive ability to find a gap not being serviced in the region and then filling it so successfully. These sisters have certainly proved that you’re never too young to start doing business."
February, 2018

Three sisters with a love for basic white tees. these unisex staples are a standard fit. if your personal brand matches ours, order your @arlo.tees TODAY!

Since establishing CTK Boards in 2012, we put our forces together and decided to embark on a new venture. One that we felt was an ‘untapped’ market particularly aimed at millennial females. This resulted in the business taking off faster than we expected, selling over 100 t-shirts in the first two weeks of operation.

ARLO means Accept, respect, live, organically. Obviously the CTK Boards we make are recycled timber, Australian made, they have organic food-safe paint and they’re sustainable, so we thought that the t-shirts could have the same message.



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